GenX 3D is India’s Premier IT and E-Commerce Company with interests in Website Designing and Development. GenX 3D is a Venture of GenX IT Venture Capital.
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Our Services
We are the professional web design company that will give your business the credibility it deserves. We have the skills and solutions to deliver stunning, affordable web design.
Website Design
Bespoke website design tailored to your business

Our team of web designers take the time to understand your business and listen to your ideas before starting on your new website design. No matter what type of website you are looking for, whether its a small dynamic website or web portal, we will use the right imagery, typography, photography and designs to create a stunning online presence for your business.

Our designers have built hundred’s of professional websites over the years. All of the websites we build are bespoke and tailor made to suit your business needs and budget. If you need an online presence to give your business the credibility it deserves or a re-vamp of your existing website then we can help.

A good brochure website should embrace simple, elegant design whilst providing a logical, easy-to-use vehicle for effective promotion. Our Dynamic Websites offer all the attributes needed to make your website a success, and every one is designed to be completely accessible and meet current requirements.

Content Management
Improve the flexibility of your website and speed of updating

Content Management is a great way to ensure that your website is never out of date and in turn will not give the impression your business is behind the times. Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage your website therefore not requiring the skills and associated costs of a web design company.

We have developed our own content management system called G3DCMS which is a comprehensive solution that allows companies large or small to update and manage their own website. G3DCMS is based on a flexible modular approach, which means that you only pay for the functionality of the system that your business requires.

Our content management system (CMS) allows your website to go from an out of date and costly website to an up-to-date, fully manageable, dynamic website.

Template Designing
Most unique templates on the web

Website Templates are web designs, which reflect your company's branding. GenX 3D offers to create the most unique website templates on the web. All the templates are designed by our team of experienced and technologically sound designers and also we offer exclusive ownership rights for all our designs, i.e., once you buy a template from us, that design will no longer be available to purchase.

We can customize the template design according to your specification. We assure that you will get a greatly enhance professional image that portrays the true essence of your business. We understand the pre requisite of our client’s demand and needs.

Realty Solutions
Create Real Estate Websites that Generates Leads

GenX 3D specializes in creating quality websites for real estate builders or agents. We are experts in building successful real estate websites that generate leads. GenX 3D is constantly working with real estate professionals to increase our real estate website features, design, marketing tools. Our commitment to the latest internet technologies ensures your website will produce results. A custom website from GenX 3D enables you to have a unique looking website that will impact visitors. Custom real estate agent websites that focus on search engine performance and, more importantly, conversion of visitors to leads. Our custom real estate agent websites are the best tools available in the real estate market.

GenX 3D designed websites are easy for you to update yourself with content and listings, and they are the best looking template websites in the real estate industry.

Social Media Marketing
Drive your sales and brand awareness with Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an incredibly effective way to create a buzz for your website. It is the most popular upcoming ‘buzzwords’ in the Internet Marketing industry. It combines the goals of internet marketing with social media sites such as Wordpress, Facebook, YouTube and many ... It is related to other online marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing encompasses many services to help you build your business and get your company noticed by new consumers. We pride ourselves on the fact that our social marketing company needs no contracts, as we believe that if we are doing a good job, you will continue to do business with us. From product promotions to trade show dates these can quickly be shown to millions of online users in a single tweet, status update, blog post, press release or article submission.

Search Engine Optimization
It's all in the results and how we deliver

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practise of ranking your website higher in the search engines for keyword terms that your customers would use to search for your product or service.

As the popularity of the internet increases, so does the amount of money we spend online - therefore it makes sense that the higher in the search engines you go, the more money you’ll make. We are a vastly experienced team in SEO, we have worked in some of the most competitive industries on the internet, and over the years, we have fine tuned our approach and methodology towards SEO.

All our websites are SEO friendly. We also provide additional services to bring you at the top of search engine results and get more traffic through different online advertising mediums. Our approach is simple and thorough, and you will see the progress in a few weeks itself.

Logo and Branding
Give your business the credibility it deserves

You only get one chance to make a good impression and in today’s competitive marketplace, your businesses first impressions are as important as ever. The days when a logo on headed paper was enough are not longer true, a brand is not just your logo it is a representation of your business and the personalities behind it.

The age of paper isn't over (and that is coming from a web company) the power of a brochure is still a force to be reckoned with. Quality offline marketing is as strong as ever, the design we create is bespoke, because your business is as independent as you are.

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